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Niko Rosvall

Hi there. This is not a much of a web page. However, I like to keep things simple.

I tend to like to turn off my computer and spend my time in nature.


I write open source software and most of it is are security related.

Ylva [Homepage]
Command line password manager for Unix.
Memo [Homepage]
Memo, Unix-style note-taking software.
Secret [Homepage]
Command line file encryption program.
ProgCop [Homepage]
ProgCop is an application firewall for Windows.

I wrote a simple password generator in PHP.

Monitors.sh, I wrote a script for Kornshell (ksh) to automatically handle external monitor I use with my laptop. Script works with a docking station too. This script is originally based on someone elses work, I just modified it to fit my needs and ported it from Bash to Ksh. Tested only on OpenBSD.


To contact me, send me an email to: niko@byteptr.com or drop me a line on Twitter.


There's an interview of me. It's out-of-date.

From time to time, I write about stuff.

My favorite quote:

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

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